Senior Studio Art Major Profile: Hilary Frey

By Anna Van Voorhis

Hometown: Portland, Oregon Nickname: Illroy, Hildagard, Frillastry, just to name a few Spirit Animal: “Well…I’d be a deep water fish so that I could see all the animals humans can’t see underwater” Why you might know her: She has been on the Macalester Swim Team in the past, and this year she was on the Dive Team; she is an international student mentor; she is a co-chair of Art Alliance; and she is an ardent monitor of the Art Department doors. Why you ought to know her: Hillary Frey, like everyone who has been featured in this section so far, started her Mac art career in 3D Design. When choosing colleges to apply to, she really wanted a good art department. Mac’s art department made the cut. Frey said that it was the print studio that charmed her the most. Ironically, she has yet to take a printmaking class at Mac. Maybe she’ll consider postponing graduation in order to grace the art department with her presence for another semester. Freshman year, Frey took advantage of her liberal arts education as she explored multiple departments around campus. Her freshman year course load included classes ranging from Chemistry to Painting. One might find it surprising that, along with being an Anthro minor, this art major has also taken almost as many science and math classes as art classes. Some might find her combination of interests unusual. Nevertheless, she fuses them seamlessly in her artwork. Hildagard continued to explore art during her semester abroad in Barcelona, where she participated in an architecture program with fellow art majors Mabel Kessler ’12 and Mike Fausz ’12. Originally she considered a Masters in architecture and a career in the field. But after her time in Barcelona she decided, not for lack of engaging and fun classes, that it was not the path she wanted to follow. She is now leaning towards work in the field of medical illustration. Frey has spent the past two summers working in medical research labs (one clinical and one biomedical). It was there that her love for the sciences grew. She then began to consider the broad field of medical illustration. This area of study includes tasks ranging from the illustration of new medical concepts at a molecular level to the creation of detailed illustrations to be used as reference in surgeries. Hillary now plans on getting her Masters in medical illustration, which includes two years of medical school and two years of schooling in the fine arts, or as she defines it, “the best thing ever.” Before this, however, she plans on taking a year or two off from school. As of right now, her only plan is to drive her bright blue automobile back to Portland after graduation.