Senior Art Show: "Specs"

By Sophie Nikitas

The Senior art show is a compilation of senior art theses. Each senior has to install and host their own exhibit. The show will be on display in Macalester’s temporary art gallery– a two-story house across from the Russian House. “This is a very non-traditional exhibit space,” says Greg Fitz, Macalester’s in-house curator for the gallery. Setting the exhibition in a house presented a challenge that added an interesting dimension to the students’ work. What were formerly bedrooms and dining rooms are now canvases for the installations, while some students have decided to set up their pieces on the facade of the house. Although the students are not bound by a pre-determined, overarching theme, Fitz has observed common threads running through their diverse works. “The students have used their shared interests, and taken them in different directions,” he said. “There is a really wide range of work methods, styles and goals.”
Students are greatly encouraged to visit the gallery, which will display the senior work beginning tonight with an evening reception, and running through commencement. Senior Art majors
Rachel Adler
Lizzie Boyle
Julia Dahle
Mike Fausz
Sylvia Ferguson
Andrew Flynn
Hillary Frey
Larsen Husby
Mabel Kessler
Antonio Sanchez
Taylor Tinkham