Search suspended for new dean of academic programs

By Colleen Good

President Brian Rosenberg has suspended the search for a new Dean of Academic Programs following Provost Diane Michelfelder’s decision to step down at the close of the school year.The suspension of the search will allow Michelfelder’s replacement, once selected, to have a say in the Academic Programs hire. Michelfelder was chair of the search committee to replace the current Dean of Academic Progams, Ellen Guyer.

The academic programs dean reports to the provost. With the next provost unknown, it would be difficult to fill the dean position, Michelfelder said. The applicants would not know who their boss would be.

Because the new provost has not been selected, continuing the search for the Dean of Academic Programs would not be pragmatic, Michelfelder added.

The college aims to have a new provost selected this summer.

The Dean of Academic Programs is responsible for, among other duties, nominating students for national and international fellowship programs. The dean also serves on the Academic Standing Committee which determines students’ status.

Guyer, who originally planned to leave the college at the end of the school year, will return in the fall to fulfill her scholarship nomination duties. Other duties will be divided among Student Affairs staff members.