Search committee has four candidates for Director of Academic Programs position

By Marissa Warden

The Director of Academic Programs position, formerly the Dean of Academic Programs will soon be filled. The search committee, comprised of eight students, faculty and staff are in the process of interviewing the four final candidates and hope to make a decision by the end of the semester. “We’ll have a fine person starting before too long,” said Lynn Hertz, assistant provost and member of the search committee.

The Director of Academic Programs is responsible for coordinating institutional-wide academic programs including the general education program, the honors program, academic advising program and the first-year seminar program. The director also nominates students for international and national fellowship competitions.

Ellen Guyer, former Dean of Academic Programs retired last spring, but will continue to advise and nominate students for scholarships until the position is filled.

The job was posted last spring, but the search was postponed so that the provost could be filled. About 100 applicants responded to the search.