SAAC?hosts 90s themed ball

By Katy Petershack

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Ball will be held this Saturday, April 12 at 10 p.m. in the Olin Rice Smail Gallery.”The event has a 90s/prom/tacky high school dance inspired theme that could really be interpreted in many ways,” said Marisa Raether ’08, President of SAAC, in an email.

“The event is meant to be a throwback to the days of our youth. You might look to Romy & Michelle for inspiration. We are just hoping that everyone has fun-it’s not meant to be a serious formal event. Girls might go for updos, guys-please gel and spike your hair.”

Building off of a prom theme, the SAAC Ball will have a King and Queen, and anyone who goes can vote.

“You should be sure to get there early,” Raether said, because the voting and pictures with the Macalester mascot, Mac Scott, will end at 11 PM.

“All the music is going to be from the 90s and what some would call ‘high school classics’ like boy bands and early Nelly,” Raether said.

The planning for this event has been a bit of challenge and Co-Chair Marie Godwin ’10 and Raether, have been fighting to get the needed funding. In the end, they received $1300 which went towards the 18 gallons of punch, the dance floor, and a balloon arch.

The SAAC ball is not just for sport team members either, Raether said, “We athletes want to put on a fun event for everyone on campus, so I hope lots of people come out for some good old-fashioned fun. Oh, and start thinking about who you want to slow dance with.