Rosie and the Crew

By Liz Scholz

Recently dubbed “Rosie and the Crew,” because all members but Rosie used to or continue to row for the Macalester Crew team, both sides of the Portland Ave. duplex include (from left to right): Tina Park (Calif., Economics, Art History), Keishi Hashimoto (Japan, D.C., Geography, Geology), Julie Greene (Amherst, Mass., Geology), Owen Rudloff (Portland, Ore., Geology, German), Anne Brown (Pittsburg, Penn., Geography), Megan Keogh (Seattle, Wash., Asian Studies, Japanese), Luke Clapp (Indianapolis, Ind., Classics), Rosie Sese (Los Angeles, Calif., Psychology).

TMW: So who lives with who?

Rosie Sese: Well it’s Owen, Luke, Keishi and me on the West side.

Owen Rudloff: Riverside!
Luke Clapp: West Side, the best side.

Megan Keogh: And the rest of us are living here on the good side.

Julie Greene: The girl house minus Rosie. We invite her over for dinner sometimes.

RS: Yeah I don’t get left out of Girl Time.

OR: Yeah they’re very exclusive.

RS: You get real offended.

OR: If you put girl time in front of every single meal then it gets a little exclusive.

Anne Brown: We’ve only had one or two.

OR: It doesn’t feel like that.

JG: And then you invited yourself to our other girls’ night, so.

TMW: What do you guys like to do together?

AB: We carved pumpkins the other night.

OR: We had pancake breakfast the other day. Lumberjack Pancake Breakfast. Everyone had to wear plaid.

RS: And Alex [Blackmer] was there.

OR: He was the one who organized it.

RS: But he was late for his own event. But he did buy bacon.

MK: We went to the brewery tour.

Tina Park: I couldn’t drink.

OR: We got drunk.

JG: It was the day after Tina’s birthday, so literally only me, Luke, Owen and Keishi were drinking, so the rest of us had everybody else’s tokens, so we got to drink six beers instead of three.

RS: Hold on, I had a root beer.

TMW: So you started living together because you all did crew, except for Rosie?

AB: Well, kind of.

OR: That was the catalyst of getting to know each other.

JG: I guess there’s crew connections, T3 connections.

AB: Tina, Julie, Megan, and I have been planning to live together since freshman year.

OR: And Luke, and Keishi and I were roommates sophomore year.

RS: And I wanted to live with you guys that year, remember.

LC: We didn’t get a good enough number.

OR: Keishi’s number was 57. And then it all came true like a magical dream.

JG: It is very convenient to all wake up at the same time because then you don’t worry about being loud and waking people up.

RS: False!
TP: I get woken up every morning!
AB: And Owen, it’s really good for him because he can’t get up on his own and has to be woken up every morning.

OR: And it’s good, too, because we can man a boat, just among the entire house.

AB: Yeah we’re like half the team.

TMW: What is your favorite thing about living here?

OR: The kitchen.

MK: You don’t even use the kitchen!
JG: It’s a point of contention.

MK: The guys’ side has this fancy new remodeled kitchen. We’re so bitter.

TP: I like our gas stove!
JG: Our side is way homier.

MK: And we keep it cleaner.

OR: We don’t have rats in our basement.

MK: We just moved in, and we were in the basement putting stuff down there, and I remembered there was a bathroom down there from before. I thought it would be pretty sweet if we had an extra bathroom because there’s only one bathroom for four people which kind of sucks. So, I went downstairs to check on this, and it’s really gross and nasty in there. The toilet seat is closed and it’s this pipe, fix-it-up thing, and I wondered if there was even any water in there. I lift up the lid and there’s the biggest rat I have ever seen. It looks up at me with these little eyes and it’s eating shit. And I was very good, I just shut the lid and I kind of went “eek.”

OR: Yeah, I thought she hiccupped!
MK: And I came running upstairs and told Owen and he refused to go see it.

OR: I believed her.

MK: He’s like, “I can hear it, that’s good enough.” I’m the only one who saw it!
OR: When we all have time off, then it’s fun to hang out.

RS: Keishi should comment. He loves being in the spotlight.

LC: Can you do British accent quotes?
JG: Can you record Keishi trying to speak in an American accent?
RS: Yeah, he hasn’t done that yet.

JG: He did it once.

RS: No! I didn’t hear it!
JG: You missed it when you were studying abroad.

RS: You did an American accent when I was abroad? Are you kidding me? I’ve been waiting for this my entire Macalester career.

TMW: What are your guys’ plans for next year?

Keishi Hashimoto: No idea. Probably work. Where is a very broad question also. It could be anywhere. It could be England, it could be America. That’s broad, but I need to keep my options open.

OR: If we haven’t made it clear, he’s British.

RS: Not going to go back to London?
JG: I would like to do either the Peace Corps, Teach for America, or GeoCorps.

TP: I want to find a job hopefully. I don’t know where.

RS: If I don’t find a job in America, I’m going to go to Japan and do the JET program, if I get accepted.

LC: I’m teaching English in South Korea.

TP: Holla!
LC: No I’m lying about that. I just want to get it printed so I have something to say.

JG: He is applying. That is true. But it hasn’t happened yet.

LC: It’s going to happen.

KH: I feel betrayed. But Rosie chose Japan so.

TP: Um, but they chose Korea.

JG: But you have some Japan kids rolling with you.

TP: But they’re going to have more fun in Korea and save a lot more money.

KH: That’s not true.

RS: There’s some Asia wars going on.

OR: Keishi is also Japanese as well as British, and Tina is Korean.

RS: Korean American!
LC: As well as Minnesotan.

TP: I’m from California!
RS: Korean, American, Californian, Minnesotan.

OR: I don’t really know what I’m going to do. I might be in Germany. I might be in America. I might be.

MK: I guess, now I have to kill Rosie.

RS: Wait, why?
MK: I’m also applying for the JET.

LC: Ohhh, inter-house competition.

MK: But I’m also going to look around for other programs in Japan. Who knows. Something.
AB: Oh great, we’re all headed to Asia. I am also applying to teach English in South Korea.

MK: Same program [as Luke].

AB: But I’m farther in the application process.

TMW: What is one thing you will miss most about Macalester?

MK: I’m an only child, so I like feeling like I have a nice big family.

All: Aww..

OR: I’ll miss the immaturity. I feel like from here on out, it’s never going to be as ridiculous as this.

JG: Well it’s not going to be the classes. For sure the people, not the academics.

LC: My boy Nicky C.

JG: Cutler should be here!
RS: He’s an honorary member of this house. . This is hard.

LC: Why, because you’re not going to miss anything? That’s just mean.

RS: No that’s not true. I’ll miss plenty.

LC: I will miss Minnesota.

OR: That’s fucked up.

LC: I did not like it, the weather and everything, my first year here, and I have come to appreciate it.

AB: Really?
TP: That’s because he has a car, and he can drive to school.

RS: It’s true.

JG: And I mean, we all love wearing plaid. We can’t lie. You can’t do that in just every state.

KH: I’ve worn plaid once.

AB: I’ll miss the Mississippi River, because I love it, and I’ll miss the people, and being nerdy.

RS: Oh, I finally got it. I’ll miss the seasons because we don’t get that in California. And I’ll miss biking up Summit when it’s not snowing or raining. When it’s sunny. It’s real pretty.

LC: Yeah it’s a good thing we didn’t do
this interview like two months from now, I might not miss Minnesota then.

TP: I think I’m going to miss the stability of being at a place for four years. Because I moved high school three times, like Meghan said, it’s a solid group of friends.

KH: The people.
AB: I’ll miss Rosie and the Crew.

KH: And the crew team. Can’t forget the crew team too.