Rosenberg heads Minnesota Private Colleges Council

By Veronique Bergeron

President Brian Rosenberg was recently named chair of the Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC), Fund and Research Foundation. Rosenberg’s term will run for three years, during which he will preside over a council including presidents from Minnesota’s 17 private colleges. Business leaders from organizations including St. Paul Travelers and Wells Fargo also offer leadership in various capacities.

The MPCC is a non-profit organization related to the Minnesota Private Colleges Fund and Research Foundation, which represent institutions of higher education across the state.
The organization’s goals include cooperative work with government relations programs to influence public policy regarding higher education and fundraising from major corporations and foundations. The organization also conducts research for its member institutions regarding demographics, price, and accessibility of higher education in the state of Minnesota.

The Council was founded in 1951, and began to work cooperatively with the Fund and Research Foundation in 1987.