Rosemark Bakery, cheap donuts without the frills

By Jenny Ledig

Right across from the St. Clair Broiler is an unassuming bakery that never appears to be open. It’s a little rough around the edges on the outside, and very barebones on the inside, but the scent of fresh baked goods should be enough to lure you in. Each time that I’ve been to Rosemark, I’ve had to make my presence known by whistling or something, hoping to get the attention of someone working in the back. By the time someone came out, I knew exactly what to order after mulling over the somewhat limited offerings. They have a couple of varieties of donuts: chocolate glazed with custard filling, jelly filled, glazed, and long johns, all for the affordable price of 65›. They also have a whole shelf devoted to extra loaves of bread they sell for $2. I sampled the chocolate glazed donut with the vanilla custard filling, which was good and pretty much what you expect from a Boston CrŠme donut. The sugar coated cherry jelly donut was also tasty, however I wish there had been a little more filling.

It’s not surprising to find that given the general ambience, the bakery is more dependent on delivering to local restaurants than walk-in business. Overall, it’s within easy walking distance, and there are some great deals, but there’s no seating and it’s not very inviting, so your desire for a donut has to be pretty overwhelming for you to actually walk through the door and wait for someone to notice you inside.

258 Snelling Ave.

St. Paul MN 55105