Ratatat: Meet your new weekend plans.

By Amy Shaunette

If you think you haven’t heard a Ratatat song, you’re probably wrong. The New York-based electronic duo has lent their songs to dozens of commercials, snowboarding movies, NPR programs, and films. Remember the catchy instrumental during the gestation time lapse scenes in “Knocked Up”? That’s them. With their third full-length album, “LP3,” released in July, it’s about time Ratatat’s Evan Mast and Mike Stroud show Minneapolis what’s up.Ratatat is by no means stingy with their time. The band frequently tours around the globe. But they often play at 21+ venues, so any underage Ratatat fan knows the band’s appearance at First Avenue this Friday is A Big Deal. Ratatat’s sound is refreshing in its unconventionality. With Mast working the synthesizer and instrumentals and Stroud shredding the guitar, Ratatat has perfected a stunning amalgam of rock music and dance beats. The absence of vocals allows the band’s uncanny talent for minutiae to surface. Each sound is carefully constructed and woven together seamlessly. The result is exhilarating.

In the film “High Fidelity,” John Cusack’s character, a record store owner, explains he just wants to listen to music he can ignore. Much of my delight in Ratatat stems from the band’s ability to disappear. It’s the perfect background music for writing term papers or doing sit-ups; without lyrics, it doesn’t demand attention, but you’d be hard-pressed to ignore a Ratatat song. Friday is a chance to put the multitasking to rest and experience Ratatat to the fullest. I can’t think of one rock concert where there was nothing to sing along to, and the only way to express your ecstasy was to dance. This Friday, I’ll bring my dancing shoes if you’ll bring yours.

Ratatat plays with Panther and E*Rock at First Avenue on Friday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $14 at the door. First Avenue is located at 701 1st Ave North in Minneapolis.