Print of the Week

By Nicole Simpkins

Artist: Claire Hipkins ’08, Art History Major, Nashville, Tenn.

Title: “Anatomy of a Print(maker)”

Medium: Digital photograph of linoleum relief print on bodyHow: “I carved two plates of linoleum and inked them up with water-soluble, non-toxic ink. Then I had the model flatten her back as much as possible and used the plates as a sort of stamp. It’s really simple.”

Why: “What first drew me to printmaking was the idea of multiples. Usually you make a series of several identical prints, but I was interested in examining how the same image could shift on different surfaces and contexts-particularly on the body. It’s exciting to see a 2D image that you’ve worked with come to life. I made traditional prints on paper, but I also took several photos and a video of her moving her back (on YouTube “Anatomy of a Print(maker)”). I’m fascinated by the idea of negative space and symmetry in the body. This is the first in a series of organs I hope to explore over the semester. Next up-ovaries!