Participate in civil disobedience to protest war

By Macalester College Peace and Justice Commitee and Students for a Democratic Society

We at Macalester Students for a Democratic Society are certain we are not the only ones who believe that five years of war has been five years too many. We know that our community not only disapproves of the perpetual aggression on and occupation of the Iraqi nation, but that we want to register our dissent in a way that will be heard. As the presidential elections approach and we weigh which candidate might be the one to finally respond to this desperate and devastating situation, to deliver the justice and peace that we envision for all who struggle under this needless war, Macalester Students for a Democratic Society believe that waiting for a single person to pull us out of a systematically sustained conflict is not acceptable.

We have marked anniversary after anniversary, silently hoping that someone in charge will realize our belief that the people of Iraq, and all people have a basic right to self-determination and autonomy. Yet all that our silence has proven to do is allow for the maintenance of normal life in the United States and normal violence in Iraq.

Those of us who have worked to build a resistance movement to the war have come up against apathy and disillusionment time and time again. So for this dreaded 5th year anniversary, Macalester Students for a Democratic Society took part in stopping the business of war at military recruitment stations all over the cities to show that we will not tolerate a system which only allows for dissent to be registered through infrequent elections and party politics.

We will not tolerate a system that puts the provision of American luxury ahead of human justice, and the service of private interest ahead of collective peace. We will not tolerate a system that styles ethical objection as a childish complaint, and we will not tolerate a life of possibility that does not allot others the same.

We are calling on all people to start taking direct action to stop business as usual. We know better than to wait for others to fight for us-it is past time to demand our right to direct democratic engagement as a means of bringing about an end to this illegal, unethical, and disgraceful war on the Iraqi people, once and for all.