By Maya A. Weisinger

If you are looking for the 1980s way to hypnotize and seduce a woman, you are obviously looking to delve into the fantastic world of the Found Footage Festival. I spoke with Nick Prueher, co-founder of FFF, a comically-aimed event which presents the public with the best of found video material. With the last VHS tape manufactured in 2008, video has become a dead format. Though, the remnants of the era remain everywhere: FFF collects lost VHS tapes from thrift stores, garage sales, and dumpsters all around the country. The result is an encyclopedia of strange, offbeat and unintentionally entertaining video offered up to the masses via our little internet friend. This year marks the first of a head-to-head battle against the popular magazine FOUND, which dedicates itself to collecting the best of found notes, letters, flyers, drawings and lists. The FOUND VS. FOUND Tour will be a showcase of all things cast aside and forgotten. “People grow up consuming so many forms of media and this is a way to repurpose that,” Prueher said. Our generation’s obsession with posting irrelevancy everywhere online definitely fosters a community of found-ites. The draw to this type of media is an expression of modern-day voyeurism; most of these videos were never meant to be seen in such a public space. “And,” Prueher says, “you are given permission to laugh at it.” FOUND vs FOUND –November 14th–7pm–Heights Theatre–3951 Central Avenue NE–$13