Online photo collection in the works

By April DeJarlais

Despite the checkered past of yearbooks at Macalester, the college is looking to find a way to make memories more permanent than photos on Facebook.The library archive department, along with Student Affairs, College Relations and Alumni Office staff, is beginning plans for a photo collection that will comprise individual student and faculty photos and “photos that cover the people and events of an academic year,” library archivist Ellen Holt-Werle said in an e-mail.

The yearbook was founded in 1887 and continued until 1968, after which it went on hiatus. The Mac enjoyed a brief renaissance from 2006 to 2007. Since then Macalester has not published a yearbook.

The photo collection will be a larger undertaking than a regular yearbook, said Holt-Werle. She said she did not know of any student plans to revive the yearbook in print or online.

The library archives will organize and collect most of the photos, but Holt-Werle hopes to have a section in which students and faculty will be able to self-submit their own Macalester pictures.

Photos will be available online to students, faculty and staff. The collection will use pictures of historical Macalester, but is slated to be an ongoing project to which pictures will always be added.

Holt-Werle stressed that the project was in very preliminary stages, but hopes that it will “preserve some of the history of the school via images of students, student life, [and] events.