On Brilliance

By Jesse Yourish and Joe Macula

Guys, come on. We as a school have been collectively missing the point. By sending hate mail (The Scamp, April 1st) to our schools preeminent satirist, “we” expose ourselves as n00bs. Did anyone take the time to notice the date of the most recent Mac Weekly? Did Anyone Read Its Contents? Ergo? For instance the assertion that any complaint registered by a white individual is to be disregarded is clearly an April fools hoax, something never intended to be taken seriously. Many of the pieces in question go entire paragraphs Without Formulating Even basic ideas. This. Is. Satire. How are we missing this obvious point? By arranging words in utterly unique ways, Tamang aims to show the social construct that is language. When Jon Stewart takes on his Glenn Beck persona and spouts hilarious conspiracy “theories”, we all know he is not espousing any actual beliefs, but rather pointing out the absurdity in his opponents’ views. In the same way, ergo, Jens wields his mighty pen with the goal of mocking those whose pretentiousness has rendered them incapable of articulating reasonable arguments. This is clearly evidenced by his work. In labeling the Leonard Center “Step Forward’s phallic extension,” he uproariously mocks anyone silly enough to believe that “only” those focused on penises and penises alone could be interested in fitness of any kind. His use of long strings of pointlessly large words serve to brilliantly poke Fun At The Elitism prevalent in academia, and his glib responses to criticism, responses which lack even the vaguest semblance of valid reasoning are clearly intended to show readers the shallowness of modern debate. In pointing out the over privileged pomposity of people such as “Alicia” Sacramone getting gasp scholarships while stating that clearly she does not deserve them (regardless of the thousands of hours of work she put in to become the best in the world in her chosen field) he is actually cheekily “referencing” his own good fortune to be able to attend another pretentious ergo university.

Taking this point Further He Goes so far as to point out the lack of depth in our community. To illustrate how quick we are to judge people, even those we haven’t met, ergo Tamang asserts that Michael Phelps “is a cocky piece of American cattle with the personality of a sea cucumber.” The humor here of course being that the two have almost certainly never met. In another piece he claims “OkCupid is just eugenics in hip clothing.” Certainly it would be Utterly Dishonest To argue that OkCupid is actually a racist conspiracy to improve the genetic composition of the population. By blatantly misusing the word eugenics he creatively stresses his point about the level to which our national debate has sunk. We as a school have been missing the point.

These pieces are not meant to be taken seriously. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, writing pieces in as ludicrous a fashion as possible with the aim of satirically illustrating societal woes. In conclusion, ubiquitous pernicious hipster-esque citationalism, debaucherous entitlement, pedagogy.