Not just another CLICHE

By Christina Houghton

It was a perfect afternoon: 70 degrees, brilliantly sunny and class-free. Even better, after four years hanging around Macalester’s campus, I had finally made it all the way across the river to explore Lyndale Avenue’s most famous (and first) alternative clothing store – Clich (2403 Lyndale Avenue S, Minneapolis; 612- 870-0420).

Clich stocks its shelves with colorful and unique items, ranging from vintage belts to hand-made tees to locally-designed dresses. The store was first started by husband-and-wife pair Joshua and Delayna Sundberg, both Minnesota natives. Currently, Joshua spends most of his time working at the store while Delauna works as a full-time loan processor who happily spends weekends on Lyndale.

Not only are Clich’s clothes pleasantly original, but its walls are also filled with the works of local artists, rotating on a monthly basis. The home-grown feel and comfortable atmosphere make Clich a comfortable environment to shop and offer an alternative to mainstream brands and clothing chains like Urban Outfitters and The Gap.

Plus, the prices are often reasonable, especially considering that local artists and designers make most of the pieces themselves. For example, I purchased a casual red dress from an independent artist in California for $32.

Whether you want to shop for a cute summer outfit or just want to explore a new neighborhood (the raw food restaurant Ecopolitan is just steps away), Clich is a great spot to pass through on a lazy spring afternoon without supporting mainstream consumer culture.