New Macalester program sets sights on London

By Marissa Warden

Macalester students considering studying abroad in the fall now have a new college-operated option to add to an array of choices already available. The program, debuted by the Institute for Global Citizenship, will cover a full academic year and takes students from London back to the Twin Cities in a study of global cities.Global Cities in Comparative Perspective: London and the Twin Cities joins the three other study abroad programs operated by Macalester, in Germany, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Beginning with fall in London and ending with a Twin Cities spring, the program will offer students a chance to take what they learn abroad and continue the experience upon returning to Macalester.

The goal, according to a release from the college, is for students returning to Macalester not simply to apply their newfound international enlightenment to regular classes, but to continue in the study abroad mindset.

The fall semester in London includes a class exploring London as a world city and two electives from the School for Oriental and African Studies, University College London or the Foundation for International Education.

The program will also include independent study.

The Macalester semester will feature a Civic Engagement Seminar, and World Urban Geography as a possible elective.

The dates for the inaugural year of the program will be Aug. 15 through Dec. 11, 2009, with a break, then picking up again from Jan.26 through May 11, 2010.

The application can be found on the Macalester International Center website and, like all other study abroad applications, is due March 6.