New faces among faculty and staff


As a new semester gets off the ground, 11 new tenure-track faculty members are settling into their positions.

The college was able to recruit new faculty members for all positions posted last year, said Laurie Hamre, Vice President of Student Affairs.

Among the new faculty are a chair for the Art department and a permanent replacement for former Japanese Professor Sarah Pradt, who left Macalester last year after failing to secure tenure. President Brian Rosenberg, rejecting faculty advice, decided against granting Pradt tenure when she appealed the initial decision.

Also joining the new faculty are several new staff members, including an Associate Director of Residential Life, Assistant Dean of Students and Assistant Director of Campus Programs for Multicultural Life.

Macalester had to recruit multiple replacements this summer after a string of staff resignations.

Nadja Hogg of the Community Service Office (now called the Civic Engagement Center) and Tara Stormoen-Martinez of Campus Programs have taken jobs at other colleges in the area.

Ramon Knox, Associate Director of Leadership and Community Development and Associate Director of Alumni Relations Dameun Strange ’95 are among the others who left the college this summer.