MCSG candidate statements: nominees for Vice President


Patrick SnyderAfter spending a year on MCSG as a Freshman Representative and serving on the Vice President’s commission, I have been inspired by the opportunities that exist for student government-and specifically myself-to actively improve student life here at Macalester. I would like to continue serving Macalester students in student government, only now in a leadership capacity, so that I can improve the ways in which student opinion is gathered, valued and acted upon. I have experience serving under this year’s Vice President and thus understand the responsibilities of the position, the work that it entails, and I know how to do the job effectively.

My specific accomplishments this year include getting a Panini maker for Café Mac, helping plan and organize events like the Facilities Appreciation Breakfast, advertising for MCSG events, and helping to start a dialogue between Student Organizations and MCSG about their relationship and how it can be improved. If elected, I will work to increase the number of opportunities for students to give their opinions, thoughts and ideas directly to a member of Student Government through events like Town Hall meetings and tabling. I will strive to make Student Government a more accessible, student-oriented organization that stresses the importance of openness and grassroots student opinion. After all, it is the student’s government, not just student government! Thank you, and I would be honored to have your vote!

Nick Ugulava

Hey, my name is Nick Ugulava and I am running for the vice president of Macalester College Student Government for the upcoming year.

I spent my first year at Mac in the Student Government, and it has meant a lot to me so far. I see it as a way of contributing to a society that means a lot to me, and I would like to continue serving on it. I see SG as a way of expressing myself and being constantly engaged in student life, trying to do something for the benefit of the college and most importantly its students!

I have specific plans involving strengthening the relationship of student government and other organizations on campus, saving student’s money on books, getting a better sound system for on-campus events, continuing current executive boards plans and specifically finishing the project about getting vans going to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul over the weekend and most importantly, fighting against the social barriers between students!

Since I don’t have space here to give a detailed explanation of everything I want to work on, I would encourage you to go to my Facebook group and read my campaign speech! I would like to encourage all of you to contact me with any concerns, suggestions or just to chat at [email protected]! Or just feel free to stop me around campus and chat with me, I promise I don’t bite!