MCSG candidate statements: nominees for President


Adil ImaniAs I reflect on the one year I spent in MCSG, group cohesiveness, awareness of goals and compromise are some of the qualities I have identified as crucial for being effective. While I have taken a lot from my experience, there are some aspects I wish to work upon as President. Increased transparency and awareness of MCSG amongst the student body is one area I strongly wish to work on. Greater student participation in deciding goals of the government and in the daily decision-making is necessary for us to be more representative of the students. I also feel the need to have a strong and clear list of goals we want to achieve in our term. I have previously had experience of working in settings where a balance between leadership and teamwork is required. While I would encourage people to express their views, I realize the importance of focusing on the task and not meandering away. Also, the principles of internationalism, religious diversity and multiculturalism deeply appeal to me. Finally, my friendly and social nature, will allow me to be a successful Student President. Show your support by joining the FB group “Adil Imani for President” and vote for me.

Yenee Soh

Hello Everyone!

As President of the Macalester College Student Government, I promise to focus on four key areas: community, continuation, culture and communication.

MCSG is a living community and I will continue its improvement to and assist you and to prepare the groundwork for further development. My main goals are to bring the community together through cultural awareness and improve various processes by being your ears and voice as your student representative.

As a member of the Media Board freshman year and as an active writer for The Mac Weekly my sophomore year till now where I am currently the Photo Eeditor, I have captured the various interests and concerns of our students through my writing and photos and have actively participated in campus-wide events. Not only have I focused on being actively engaged and aware, I have worked hard to represent Macalester as a whole through my work.

As a Mathematics major with a Statistics and English minor, I have been provided with the problem solving skills, analytical and logical skills to properly address the issues Macalester wishes to improve, and I will have the proper words and speech making ability to engage you and inform you of what you need to know.

Your vote means all the difference! Vote for us! And good luck to all candidates!

Owen Truesdell

Most of you don’t care about what MCSG does on a day-to-day basis. That’s fine; there are so many things happening on campus that MCSG shouldn’t be at the top of every student’s agenda. However, MCSG should have a dedicated and experienced group of people advocating student interests.

I’ve been on MCSG every semester I’ve been at Mac so I know why MCSG is valuable and what it needs to improve upon. MCSG matters because it interacts with senior Administrators on a daily basis; that contact is what makes MCSG unique as a student group. However, what MCSG is especially bad at is actually gathering student input.

If you elect me President I’ll do everything I can to change that. If elected, I will meet with every student organization at least once a semester (provided they want to meet with me) and I’ll meet with any individual student to hear their input on any issue. MCSG can only do its job effectively if it actually knows what students need – and I’ll do everything I can to get that student input on important issues.

I care a lot about having an effective student government and that’s why I’m running for President. Please vote for me on the twelfth. Thanks!

Jackie White

Hello, my name is Jackie White and I am running for MCSG President. I am currently a junior majoring in Mathematics and I was on the women’s volleyball team for two years. I am a good candidate for President because I am direct, I persevere, I get results, and I genuinely care about all of the students at Macalester College. I may not have been a part of MCSG in the past however my experiences in the corporate and administrative worlds have provided me with the tools to be an effective president. With proper guidance, Macalester College can have a more cohesive atmosphere where different organizations come together and work as one. As president of MCSG I would work on promoting openness and transparency so the student body would not only know what is going on in their government but also be able to voice their opinion. Realistically I know that as MCSG President I can’t bring about world peace, but I can promise that I will explore realistic ways that we as a campus can work together towards responsibility and a good time.After all, we are college students. Vote Jackie White for MCSG President on April 12th!