MCSG candidate statements: nominees for Academic Affairs Commission Chair


Michael CostiganMy name is Michael Costigan, and I am running for the position of Academic Affairs Commission Chair. Throughout my year on MCSG I have been able to see the direct impact that the AAC has on the student body. It is my goal to not only continue this impact, but expand upon it by working hard to further develop existing AAC initiatives like the textbook program and the Teacher of the Year Award and create a new initiative of my own. I will institute a concrete system by which students can evaluate their professors in an annual publication. The development of the program would take shape next year with the help of members in the Academic Affairs Commission, but I will make it my personal goal to make sure the Macalester student body is better provided with crucial information pertaining to their academic endeavors. Vote for me, Michael Costigan, and you will see an AAC next year that will work hard for you, the student body.

I have the Most MCSG Experience for the Job and I plan to: expand the Text Book Reserve Program, Reform Graduation Requirements, Create a Campus-Wide Professor Evaluation Publication, and Bring a Cheaper Alternative to the book store by creating a student to student online book sale.

Taren Kingser

Hi, my name is Taren Kingser and I’m running for Academic Affairs Commission Chair!

I’m a junior here at Macalester and have extensive experience that has prepared me well to serve as Chair of the Academic Affairs Commission (AAC). I am a current member of the AAC so I will bring institutional knowledge and expertise. I also have two years of experience as a Student Representative to the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee. Here is why you should vote for me:


 Only candidate with past experience on the Academic Affairs Commission


 Expand the library textbook reserve program (if cheap textbooks are good, how about free textbooks?)

 Create avenues for student feedback on graduation requirements (i.e. multiculturalism/internationalism/writing/Q3)

 Work to have all professors post syllabi and book lists (so you can order books online in advance and make class choices easier)

I hope you will consider my candidacy for AAC Chair. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email ([email protected]), give me a call (612-747-1517) or even better, come talk to me. Thanks!