Magic Pan Crˆpe Stand, a novelty in the Mall of America

By Jenny Ledig

Next time you’re in the Mall of America, make sure to stop by this charming and popular staple. Owned by Lettuce Entertain You, with sister restaurants like Big Bowl, Maggiano’s Little Italy and Wildfire, it tries to pack a punch with the ambiance, which is harder to do as a stand in the middle of the overwhelming Mall of America. The scent of fresh crepes wafting through the mall draws big lines, but this spot is a fun place to frequent. They offer some savory crˆpes ranging from classics like spinach or ham and cheese to the pizza crˆpe and chicken Santa Fe. However the real focus seems to be on sweeter crepes. We devoured the banana Nutella, Crˆpe Suzette and plain Nutella crˆpes. Each was freshly made, delicious and very rich, leaving you full for hours afterwards.

One diner commented that she wished there were

more of a selection, especially with different types of fresh fruit and preserves, as opposed to just many variations on chocolate, Nutella and caramel.

All of the crˆpes, savory and sweet, were under $6 and you could even get a Parisian street crˆpe with a filling for $3.29, so you can continue shopping without having to pause to eat your crˆpe. This is definitely a wise option, since it can be hard to snag a seat. It’s a fun thing to do if you’ve already made the pilgrimage to the mall, but probably not deserving of a trip in itself.

Mall of America (W114)
Mon.-Sat. 10-9:30 p.m., Sun. 10-7 p.m.