Mac First Aid creates a safer Macalester community

By Shasta Webb

Near the end of the Spring 2010 semester, two students got together to form a new organization aimed at educating students about First Aid and emergency medicine. With support from President Brian Rosenberg, Jim Hoppe and the MCSG Capital Fund, Igor Stanceric ’12 and Ethan Forsgren ’11 chartered Mac First Aid. The organization, which meets every Wednesday at 10 p.m. in the Campus Center room 215, offers a variety of resources for the Macalester community. Stanceric explained that one of the goals of MFA is to create a safer community on campus.

“We feel like there is no one students can go to on evenings and weekends when the Health and Wellness Center is closed and students are afraid to call 911. Our final goal is to establish an emergency service on campus,” Stanceric said.

Stanceric, a certified First Aid instructor, has already taught two courses of 13 students each. He plans to teach two more this year, bringing the total number of students trained in basic first aid to 56. This coming January Term, MFA is sponsoring an entire EMT course at Macalester. With basic EMT training that the course offers, students will be able to apply to work for local ambulance services as well as offer their help during on-campus emergencies such sporting events.

The short-term goals of MFA include continuing to educate the community about First Aid and basic safety, in addition to providing the First Aid courses. MFA, though relatively young as an organization, has already successfully partnered with other groups on campus to integrate First Aid support into the community. MFA works closely with Outing Club, and has provided many trip leaders with First Aid training. The group also plans to work with security at large on-campus events like dances or athletic competitions, both varsity and club.

Outside of Macalester, MFA works with the University of Minnesota, which has provided immense support for the EMT course this January. The U of M has also provided MFA with access to state-of-the-art First Aid equipment and simulation training.

MFA always welcomes new members and encourages interested students, experienced in First Aid or not, to attend meetings. “We usually have student presentations at our meetings. Members of the organization present on a topic related to First Aid. Some of the topics already covered include weather related emergencies, bone and spinal fractures, and what not to do when performing First Aid,” Stanceric explained.

MFA also brings speakers to campus to discuss First Aid topics during meetings, as well as makes decisions about how to make the Macalester campus safer. “We’re always open to new ideas,” said Stanceric.

“Mac First Aid is about empowering the average Macalester student with the skills to help someone and to respond,” said MFA member Julianna Carlson ’11. “We are working to create a safer community,” added Stanceric.

If you are interested in learning more about Mac First Aid or more about the J-Term EMT course, please email [email protected] or attend a meeting (Wednesdays at 10 p.m. in Campus Center room 215).