Mac dating revolution

By Anonymous

Editor’s Note: The Mac Weekly does not generally publish anonymous submissions to ensure article integrity. However, given this article’s benign/cute nature, this editor decided to let it slide. I’ve recently discovered the Mac Missed Connections and MacSex Tumblrs; for those who don’t know, MMC ( is essentially a LikeALittle replacement, and MacSex ( is its more provocative, open-ended counterpart, where submissions range from single-sentence summaries of sexual encounters to confessions to anonymous flirts. Essentially, both take anonymous submissions where Mac students can angst, flirt and share about their love lives. Scrolling through, there seems to be a common theme: people want to make a move, but they are afraid to do so. The person is their friend and they don’t want it to be “weird.” They think the person in their French class with the eyes is adorable but are too shy to say hello. They exchanged some words with a building manager but nothing further happened, though they wish it had. We are generally a pretty awkward student body. But the thing is, we are a generally awkward student body. It’s not just you; it’s almost all of us. There’s an incredibly high chance that the other person is thinking the same thing— they’d like to, but some mental block is in their way. So, Macalester, I have a proposal: let’s make this Monday, November 19, 2012, “Leap Day”— a day to take the leap, to just go for it and ask that certain someone out. See what your friend thinks about going out next Friday as more-than-friends. Use the language of romance to see if that cutie wants to get lunch after French one day. Strike up another conversation with that building manager and get their number or ask them to hang out over the weekend. But whoever it is and whatever you ask them to do, be explicit. Don’t leave them wondering if you’re interested or just being nice; make sure they know, yeah, it’s a date! And those on the flipside, be courteous; if someone has the guts to ask you out and you’re not interested, (A) Don’t say yes and give them false hope, and (B) be nice about it. You wouldn’t want someone to be a jerk to you or for a friend to make things awkward— be cool. Even if the answer is no, remember that they had nothing but good intentions. So again, November 19 is the day. Blame it on me if you want to: “That article in the Mac Weekly said today was ‘Leap Day,’ so I was wondering…” Good luck! refresh –>