Mac creates a flag

By Will Kennedy

For anyone who’s been looking to show a little extra school spirit in their lives, make sure to save a space on your wall. After numerous requests from students, parents and alumni, the college plans to have Macalester flags available for sale in the Highlander store by the fall.As Macalester does not currently have a flag design that is widely in use, a brand new design will be created. Vice President for Student Affairs Laurie Hamre said that most other colleges in Minnesota already have some sort of school flag that uses their school symbol, but in the case of Macalester there are multiple symbols to choose from.

“What image best depicts Macalester College if you only have one image?” Hamre asked. “We have some options to make it distinctive and really say Macalester.”

While brainstorming the image for the flag, Hamre said that the round seal featuring Latin script was immediately thrown out. The two most likely images for the flag will be the shield or piper symbols, with the college currently leaning towards the piper. Underneath the symbol, “Macalester College” would be written in block lettering.

The color scheme will most likely incorporate deep red, grey or tartan, which Hamre says are colors that represent the college across the board as opposed to orange and blue, which are strictly the college’s athletic colors.

Mock-up designs of the flag will be drawn soon, and there will be an opportunity for students still on campus to give some input toward the design. After the final design is selected, the flags will be ordered early in the summer so that they will be ready to sell in the fall.