Mac Athletics holds lunchtime update with Staff Advisory Council

By Daniel Kerwin

Macalester’s Staff Advisory Council (SAC) were updated about the current state of Macalester athletics during lunchtime meeting on Wednesday with Athletic Director Kim Chandler, Assistant Director of Athletic Facilities Jarrett Yehlen and Deno Fitness Center Director Steve Murray. Talk largely centered on the progress of the department since the opening of the Leonard Center last August. Yehlen described some of the usage statistics that have been collected thus far, which have shown variations depending on factors such as the time of semester and time of day.

“We are working on reaching out to campus, but the building has done a great job of marketing itself in the first seven months,” Yehlen said.

Another topic that Yehlen talked about pertaining to usage of the facility was the high demand for locker space, which he anticipates to fall as the weather gets warmer and people start exercising outside more.

Chandler talked of other effects the new building has had, such as allowing the number of PE classes to double this year. She talked about the academic success Mac’s sports teams have had over the past year, with four varsity teams leading the nation in cumulative GPA in their respective sport, and also mentioned that the Leonard Center has increased the recruiting ability of the institution.

Chandler, Yehlen and Murray are all as new to the college as the new building, so the also talked about how they have been personally adjusting to their new positions.