Look Book – Adrian St. Francis '13

By Sarah Krumholz

What are you studying at Mac?
I am planning on double majoring in English and Philosophy and am considering adding a Psychology minor. Does it affect what you wear in any way?
Nope, I gear my outfits loosely on the weather and particularly toward the people I plan on seeing that day.

Nice Scarf. Does it come with a story?
I got it at Stella Blu. I was shopping with a friend for dresses and the spring green scarf struck me.

Would you consider green your color?
No, crimson is my color.

Do you have a process when picking out your outfits?
It’s not a linear process; it’s more of an evolution. I pick the pants and the shoes in conjunction with each other.

How do the current pants and shoes conjoin?
The length of the jeans accentuates my long legs and then the Dansko clogs just fit.

Do you participate in any events at Mac you are really passionate about?
I am a huge fan of rock-climbing, competing in running races and triathlons and like to get in a little salsa when I can.