Letters to the Editor


Al Franken: who’s the boss I enjoyed Alex Park’s article on Al Franken. However, I’m not sure what he meant when he said “Franken is still in charge of the nationally syndicated Air America Radio network.” Franken has a show on Air America, but is certainly not “in charge.” In fact, as an employee of AAR, he is owed over $300,000 as bankruptcy records indicate.

Charlie Amter (’94)

What Would Lincoln Do?

With regards to Molly Griffard’s piece about working within a two-party system and being loyal to one’s own party, Abraham Lincoln was probably told the same thing and he was virulently attacked across the board in the press and yet he won his election and was able to bring about change. He appointed members of the opposing political parties to his cabinet and managed to be so effective that he was murdered. Working with the existing parties, as one of them, will simply mean that we won’t get meaningful change.

Howard M. Switzer