Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:

This past week, I submitted an opinion essay to The Mac Weekly (“Abortion not an ethical solution for unwanted pregnancy”). Since that essay was published, I’ve personally received a great deal of response, most of it critical. Know I welcome your criticism-find me on campus, write a response essay for the Mac Weekly, email me, and I’d also be happy to sit down and talk through my views-whatever works for you. However, if you do respond, I ask that you do three things:

First, read my complete essay. In an effort to fit the essay to The Mac Weekly, I had to cut a great deal from my original piece. Consequently, it did not articulate my views as completely as I had hoped (and flat didn’t make sense in some areas). I’m happy to email it to you, just let me know at [email protected] (I’d also be glad to publish it in any public forum that people know of. I just don’t know of a good one.)

Second, I ask that you begin any critical response by sharing with me why you do not believe an unborn child is entitled to life.

Finally, at some point in your critique, provide me an answer to the following question: Many of us here at Mac have defended the rights of groups we’ve perceived as unable to choose for themselves (e.g. animals used in scientific experiments or oppressed peoples). Why then should we not defend an unborn child who is incapable of choosing whether he/she has a right to life?

Josh Schukman ’08

To the Editor:

I would like to correct two points from last week’s article and editorial on College Harassment policies and procedures. The article omitted a clarifier, that mediation in some form is the preferred method of response if appropriate. There are many situations in which mediation is not appropriate and would not be recommended or permitted. The MCHC has typically pursed the requested form of resolution of the individual bringing the complaint.

The editorial states that mediation “both proceeds and is strongly preferred to any kind of investigation in most cases”. This is not correct. It would be inappropriate to recommend a form of resolution without first conducting an investigation.

All members of the MCHC are happy to answer questions or provide consultation if desired.

Jim Hoppe

Dean of Students