Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:
I was upset when I read the article “Hooray for the Death of Mac Mondays” in the last Mac Weekly because Mac Mondays are definitely not dead! Mac Mondays are different this year because they aren’t decorating the cafeteria anymore, and there aren’t specials at the Grillé. Instead of these things that students were not very excited about, the school is trying new ideas. People who are spotted wearing the school’s colors are given tickets and entered into a raffle to win prizes like free smoothies. Other exciting Mac Monday events are soon to come, like the Macalester Market where students can sell things that they make.
Also, I was sad when I read the article because I love Mac Mondays. I can understand if you, as the editors of The Mac Weekly, don’t want to participate, but please don’t take the fun away from me and others who like Mac Mondays. I think everyone should love Mac Mondays though, because what’s a better way to start the week than to be excited about school and wear crazy clothes?
Julia Stanfield (’07)