Letter to the Editor

By Yeukai Mudzi

The Mac Weekly staff editors published an editorial at the beginning of the school year calling for “formal meetings with our liaisons in which we can voice our opinions about what actually matters to the student body of this institution.” For those who share this sentiment, I encourage you to participate in the “Build A Better Mac” Coalition. Your student reps are involved in such meetings and use these, in addition to the various other student organization events, to gather student perspectives. When necessary we host our own forums/events such as “The Fine Arts Forum,” “Brunch with the Board” and the “Open Discussion with President Rosenberg and the Chair of the Board, Dave Deno,” all of which were held last semester. We are careful not to bombard students with forums as there are already so many events on campus, many of which are poorly attended, including some events we have hosted. Instead, we think it is more effective to intentionally place ourselves in spaces that are already available for students to discuss core issues and voice their opinions. Rest assured, we are gathering student perspectives in the way we deem most efficient. If you have questions and/or concerns please either email me or, if you know me, speak to me whenever you see me.