Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:In the article from Macalester Students for a Democratic Society that appeared in the opinion section of the last issue of The Mac Weekly (March 28), there was a seemingly minor misprint in the title, “Participate in Civil Disobedience,” that is worth correcting. We submitted the article with the title “Statement on MPJC-SDS’s Participation in Civil Disobedience,” and we are concerned that the editor’s revision may have given rise to some misunderstanding about the nature of our organization.

Macalester Students for a Democratic Society values and participates in a diversity of tactics to resist the war, from lobbying to direct action, while the headline that appeared in last week’s paper may make it seem as though we only advocate for one form of protest.

Moreover, the heading “Participate in Civil Disobedience,” obscures what the article was referring to-rather than being a generic call out for others to risk arrest as it may have appeared, it was a press release that we gave to all Twin Cities media organizations explaining our motivation for taking direct action at two recruitment stations in Minneapolis as part of last Thursday’s national day of student protest against the fifth anniversary of the war.

One other correction: last week’s issue also misprinted the organizational name for Macalester Students for a Democratic Society (MPJC-SDS). We are one organization called Macalester Students for a Democratic Society. Our acronym is MPJC-SDS.

Macalester Students for a Democratic Society (MPJC-SDS)