Letter to the Editor

By The Macalester Traditions

To the Macalester Community, On the 9th of October, during a concert for Family Fest, certain parents, as well as members of the Macalester community including faculty and students, were offended by lewd behavior perpetrated by the Macalester Traditions. We, as the Macalester Traditions, apologize for our actions and for any offense we might have given. While our group sometimes incorporates off-color humor into our performances, we recognize that Family Fest was neither the time nor place for this type of behavior. Although we certainly did not mean to offend anybody with our actions, since it has been made clear to us that our performance was upsetting, we wish to take full responsibility for that fact. In light of complaints received by the administration, we recognize that steps must be taken to make amends. We wish to assure the entire college that we desire to restore our positive image and that we will live up to this commitment in the future.

For the last 25 years, the Traditions have been part of the character of Macalester, and it would be unacceptable for the current bearers of its legacy to tarnish this image. In this spirit, we are pursuing all possible avenues to assuage concerns over our behavior. Specific courses of action are still under consideration. With respect to this, we wish to commence a dialogue with the administration, as well as with any members of the Macalester community, regarding ways in which we may work through these issues. We, the Traditions, would appreciate any feedback on our actions so that we may better recognize and avoid problematic behavior. We feel that it is in the best interest of the college as well as the Macalester Traditions to take this incident to heart and move forward, so that we may continue to provide entertainment to the Macalester Community.

Once again, we offer our heartfelt apologies to all persons who were offended during this incident.


The Macalester Traditions