Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:Given Macalester’s commitments to civic engagement, wellness, and the environment, there ought to be an open and accessible on-campus space for the maintenance and repair of our community’s bicycles– both Macalester’s Bike Share fleet as well those owned by students, faculty and staff.

As evidenced by additional parking installed last semester, Macalester bike ridership is climbing. With this growing demand comes a strain on our existing facilities. A large, open workshop would quickly become a well-used space for peers to congregate, teach bike mechanics during open shop hours and EXCO classes and relax in a constructive atmosphere.

Most importantly, a visible and user-friendly bike shop would be a fantastic way for Macalester to demonstrate its renewed commitment to sustainability. The installation of new bike racks is commendable, as is the installation of energy efficient light bulbs and other institutional steps towards fulfilling our president’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Towards the goal of creating a sustainable institution, a fully-equipped bike shop is a simple and logical step.

Although there currently is a space on campus equipped for bicycle maintenance, it is small and accessible to only a few members of Macalester’s biking club, MacBike. While the student body understands that space is at a premium on a compact campus, we encourage underutilized areas, especially dorm storage areas used mainly during vacation, to be re-evaluated as possible mixed-use space for Macalester’s bicycle shop. The potential benefits to our entire campus are too great to pass up.

MacBike and Friends