Land of my heart forever:

By Shasta Webb

Scotland-the home of Haggis, bag pipes- Gaelic, tartan and Macalester’s founding has been celebrated on campus in recent years with sporadic bagpiping performances and by name of the athletic mascot, Scottie. However, today marks an entire day devoted to celebrating Scotland, with the first annual Scottish Heritage Day.Festivities kicked off Sept. 17 with a “pub quiz” held in the Campus Center. Local “pub quiz master,” as well as folklorist and historian, Bill Watkins led the competition between teams of four for special prices and the “Master’s Cup” title.

Two main types of Scottish dancing, Scottish country and Highland Dance, will also be a part of the Macalester celebration. The Spartan-like, jaunty dances have been an infamous art with which the Scots have thrilled the world, along with other art forms such has poetry and music.

Beginning at noon on Bateman Plaza will be a display of Scottish country dancing-social, reel dancing that requires sets of partners and a caller who dictates a pre-determined choreography. A showcase of Highland dancing-a technical, leaping dance done on the balls of the feet-will follow at 12:20 p.m. In both types of movement, performers dress in traditional Scottish kilts in tartan patterns, worn with kilt hose or special socks. Remember-Scottish kilts are not to be mistaken with the longer Irish kilts, or worse, man skirts.

Following the dancing presentation will be a bag piping performance at 12:40 p.m.

Perhaps the most intriguing and captivating part of the festivities begins later in the afternoon: sheep. That’s right, Macalester will play host to a sheep herding demonstration. To see the excitement, be on the lawn area in front of Old Main at 4:30 p.m. We don’t know if there will be traditional garb or children’s rhymes, but the sheep are a guarantee.

The first annual Scottish Heritage Day will end with an outdoor screening of Braveheart on Shaw Field at 8:30 p.m. After witnessing countless renditions of the famous William Wallace speech, Mel Gibson will be on the big screen to do it how we remember best.

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