Josh Hink of 'Beauty and the Beast' talks theater

By Tom Poulos

Josh Hink is a cast member in the upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast at the Ordway Center. He currently attends Concordia University St. Paul for Vocal Performance, Theatre and Dance.Tom Poulos: How did you get involved in “Beauty and the Beast” and what part do you play?

Josh Hink: I went through the auditioning process in the summer. I play a gargoyle and also a villager in the beginning of the play.

TP: What was the casting process like?

JH: For me, I showed up and I sang for them. Afterwards, I sang another song and then went to a movement audition. They had another call back where we sang a song from the actual show; we did a dance, and then read a bit from the script. They called me two days later and informed me that I had the part.

TP: How is this production different from the Broadway show?

JH: Well I never saw the Broadway show, but I know they are doing a lot more with the show with technology that they didn’t have in the Broadway show. We’re using projections and doing more with the choreography. It’s still a bit early to tell what all the new additions are going to be.

TP: What do you think of the show?

JH: I think that it’s going to be an outstanding production. The cast is wonderful and the set is beautiful. It’s coming together really well despite the short rehearsal period.

TP: How have rehearsals been?

JH: We started rehearsing Nov. 23. We’re on our third week now. So it’s been two weeks, six days a week, eight hours a day up until now. Now we’re doing tech rehearsals.

TP: Do you have any advice for theater students hoping to break into the business?

JH: It’s really just about getting yourself out there, networking with people and auditioning like crazy. Don’t get discouraged if you get turned down. You know, that’s happened to me a lot. But there also “yes’s” in there so you just have to keep going.

TP: How do you keep balanced with your obligations as a student?

JH: I talked to my professors in advance and they were okay with it. I’m missing two weeks of classes and finals, but I was able to work ahead of time. I think it’s great that something so big has come together in so short of a time. Come see it! It’s going to be great!

Ordway’s own production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” highlights local cast, local creative collaborations and a full night of joyous cheer this holiday season during its three-week run from Dec. 15, 2009 until Jan. 3, 2010.