Investment to enhance online information accessibility

By April DeJarlais

If Facebook and Failblog lose their draw as procrastination sites in the next month, Macalester students can turn instead to the expanded investment website.Chief investment officer Craig Aase ’71 and director of investments Alana Hedlund ’04 hope to update the website by the end of February in order to “provide a little more help to readers-faculty, staff, alums and students-to understand what our exposure is to corporations globally,” Aase said in an e-mail.

Currently Macalester’s investment office website offers basic information as to the size ($546 million) and allotment of the endowment. Expansions will include links to corporations in which Macalester invests, providing more information on how the college’s endowment connects to the greater financial world.

Aase sees more student interest in investments than when he attended Macalester. Today’s students are concerned about a broader range of topics, while the Vietnam-era students were worried about Macalester’s investment in the “military-industrial complex,” he said.