In search of ice: Athletic Department foibles

By Andrew Mirzayi

It was a sharp crack followed by a dull thump, at least from what I can remember. I was playing an IM soccer game and my team was down 4-1 in the second half. I was sprinting to reach a ball; unfortunately, a teammate and an opposing player had the same idea as me.
We crashed together and the ball went flying as we landed hard on the ground. I felt someone hit me in the head—with their shoulder and then elbow—and then I landed hard on the ground—again on my head.

I lay there until play was stopped and I stumbled off the field in a daze. I drank some water and told my teammates that I was fine and didn’t need any immediate medical attention.

It wasn’t too bad of an injury, and I was back in the game for the last couple of minutes. We lost, we shook hands with the other team, and left to get back to our homework. My head still hurt and I went to the athletics facility to get some ice.

I must admit that I haven’t used the Macalester Athletic Department very much at all, but I noticed a guy leaving with ice as I walked in so I was sure it was a good sign. Inside, I wandered until someone told me how to find the information desk. It consisted of three bored-looking girls who were probably doing homework and wondering how much longer until their shifts ended.

I said hello, explained that I had hurt my head, and asked for some ice. They replied, “We don’t have any ice or a key to the trainer’s room. Try getting some from Café Mac.”

As I had just seen someone leave with some, I asked if they were sure they didn’t have any ice at all. “No” they responded, with a tone of irritation, “I guess you could get some ice from concessions, but it’s not very good ice. Your best bet would probably be Café Mac.”

Seeing that pressing the issue was pointless, I left. I walked back to Dupre and took the 8 ice cubes out of my fridge’s ice tray, wrapped them in a paper towel, and pressed it against my head. After awhile, the pain subsided.

I’m still wondering why the athletic department has to employ three people to tell students they cannot do anything for them. Perhaps I was so dazed from my injury that the sign actually read “No Help or Information Whatsoever Desk” and I just saw “Information.” If so, I apologize and would like to commend the three girls for doing a spectacular job.

There were at least a hundred people playing sports and exercising that day. Would they be turned away if they needed basic medical supplies that any athletic facility should supply?
I would write more, but my head hurts.