Health Column: Eating right for your type

By Stephanie Vilendrer

In last week’s column, I discussed the importance of eating fats, proteins, and carbohydrates from healthy sources. Do this, and you will feel 50% better. But to get to 100%, you also need to eat these macro-nutrients in the right proportions. This can make a world of difference for your energy levels! Think about it: have you ever eaten a healthy salad for lunch and felt like falling asleep an hour later? If so, you were probably dissuaded from eating another salad a long time after. Many people run into a common problem when trying to eat well: they incorrectly proportion their food. Luckily, this is really easy to fix! I first learned about nutritional typing from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s book, Take Control of Your Health. According to Dr. Mercola, there are three general categories (with variations in between) that every person falls into in accordance to how they should eat. Because everyone is physically unique, each person requires a different diet. Have you ever wondered why one diet method works for one person but not another? The key is to determine which body type you have and eat accordingly. Take this self-analysis and see which type you are! Below is a description of each metabolic type. After each sentence is a box. If the statement describes you, check the box and total up your points at the end. The three broad nutritional types: 1. Protein Type: These people thrive off of high protein, high-fat diets. They have the most sustained energy when they eat foods that are high in these macro-nutrients. Some foods they could emphasize include eggs, whole or 2% dairy, nuts, or avocados. I often crave meats and/or dairy. After eating a high carb meal (e.g. vegetarian, pasta /o meat), I feel tired, foggy-headed, or irritable. My favorite foods may include avocados, nuts, dark chicken meat or beef, and cheese. I prefer desserts that are rich, such as cheesecake, ice cream, or crème brulee. 2. Carb Type: Carb types enjoy lighter meals. They have sustained energy after eating foods that are less protein-dense and low in fats. They are better off eating light meats, skim or 2% dairy products, or beans and legumes. I can eat a salad or simply some fruit and toast and feel satisfied for 2 to 3 hours afterwards. Eating foods that are rich or high-protein, such as whole-fat dairy or lots of red meat make me feel weighted-down and tired. I enjoy foods that are lighter, such as non-fat yogurt, beans, and grain products. I prefer desserts that are sweet and light, such as cakes, fruit, and baked goods. 3. Mixed Type: As the name explains, these people are a mixture of protein and carb types. They thrive off a diet that is balanced in both. They are most satisfied eating meals that contain balanced proportions of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They will usually crave a broad variety of foods, but it is usually what their last meal lacked. If this describes you, or if you scored about equally in both categories, you are probably a mixed type. There are many variations of these three categories. Experiment with each to see what makes you feel best an hour, two hours, and three hours after eating. Ideally, you want to find food combinations that provide you with sustained energy and make you feel satisfied. The easiest way to do this is to eat intuitively. Your body knows what you need and will make it clear to you once you eliminate the food additives inherent in nearly all processed foods that interfere with these signals. This is why it’s critical to eat whole, real foods. Additionally, I have provided breakfast ideas for each type. Try each one on separate days and keep track of which makes you feel the best. You will probably need to adjust as you see fit. Breakfast Ideas: Protein Type: Whey protein shake with milk, raw egg, and berries; 2-3 eggs easy over with ample peanut butter and a small piece of fruit. Carb Type: Low-fat, plain yogurt with berries and a few nuts or granola; oatmeal with fruit and a few nuts. Mixed Type: Whole-fat yogurt with fruit; 2 eggs easy over on sprouted, whole-grain toast spread with butter. See what works for you and have fun! Correct nutritional typing might be what finally brings you lasting energy and great health! Credit to Dr. Joseph Mercola: