Hate speech committee finds new evidence

By Maya Pisel

The Macalester College Harassment Committee has made significant advances towards resolving their investigation of hate incidents that occurred on campus last fall. In a statement published in the Daily Piper on Feb. 1, Dean of Students Jim Hoppe reported that the committee has “received information from several members of the community that has been helpful to shed light on the situation.”A combination of time, publicity, and events like the Community Matters forums on Nov. 11 and Feb. 2 have helped draw out information about the incidents, Hoppe said. He feels that increased awareness can cause people to change their perspective.

“Sometimes somebody says something off the cuff to a friend,” Hoppe said. With campus conversations in the back of his or her mind, he continued, the friend might respond, “Hey, that’s important.”

Hoppe emphasized the significance of people being willing to change and/or voice their perspective about the seriousness of the hate incidents even if it doesn’t always lead to a dramatically different conclusion about what happened.

“We’ve appreciated the fact that so many folks have taken responsibility to bring information forward,” Hoppe said.

The committee’s investigation of the incidents is ongoing. Anyone else with information is encouraged to contact the Student Affairs Office or Safety and Security. Student Affairs is located in Wyerhauser room 119, and can be reached at 651-696-6220. Safety and Security is located in the lower level of the Music Building, and can be reached 24 hours a day at 651-696-6555.