Hanson to visit Macalester


Hanson was big in 6th grade. “Mmm Bop” was everywhere. The first time I saw Hanson, in the music video for “Mmm Bop,” I thought they were girls, and, with their high-pitched, pre-pubescent voices and long blond hair, who could blame me? But that didn’t stop my friends and I from loving them. We became obsessed with Hanson, each one choosing a brother they would marry. The walls of our bedroom were covered with photos of the band, carefully cut from magazines like Seventeen and YM.

One of my friends–just a few months earlier had sat with me at the edge of the playground spitting out pomegranate seeds and swearing–was convinced that Taylor would fall in love with her. She had a Hanson-themed birthday party and, being too cheap to have Zac, Taylor and Isaac airbrushed onto her cake, she peeled one of her prized photos off the wall and placed in on top of the frosting.

I never got into Hanson, probably because I had my own obsessions with Gavin Rossdale and David Duchovny. So, when Sarah from Radio K emailed me, asking me if WMCN had agreed to sponsor Hanson’s contest to select a band to open for their Minneapolis concert, I was surprised and not terribly excited. I’m not certain how the situation evolved, but Hanson will now be doing an on-air interview on Sunday, November 20 at 11:00 a.m. By then, someone will have been selected from a plethora of applications to interview the band.

So, if you want to come down to the station and crowd into the listening and production rooms, pressing yourself against the glass, TRL-style, feel free. The band will also be doing an acoustic set of their newer music upstairs in the Campus Center following the interview.