Good food, planetary conscience: A review of Lynlake's Galactic Pizza

By Eric Blom & Jordan O’Connell

As some friends and I ate dinner at Galactic Pizza in Minneapolis last Saturday night, we imagined how their want ads would read.Perhaps, “Wear spandex and a silly helmet as you drive an electric car to save the world-er-deliver pizza as a Galactic Pizza Space Cadet!”

Galactic Pizza’s “Space Cadets” (otherwise known as delivery drivers) dress as superheroes. Throughout our meal, we were entertained as they darted from the kitchen to the back door clad in spandex, capes and helmets.

It was an entertaining juxtaposition to the dining room, which was bright and eclectic, but considerably less eccentric.

Galactic Pizza, self-proclaimed “Pizza with a Conscience,” is located on Lyndale Ave., a few blocks from Minneapolis’s Uptown neighborhood.

“We seek to maximize our impact by integrating as many socially beneficial actions into our day to day operations as possible,” Galactic Pizza says in its “Vision of the Future.”

The restaurant is entirely wind-powered. They use local products whenever possible. The space cadets deliver pizza in 100 percent electric vehicles. 5 percent of their profits (before taxes) are donated to charities.

In short, Galactic Pizza is saving the world. Hence the costumes.

And the food? Tasty, but not quite out-of-this-world.

The menu focuses on pizza, but also offers a few pasta dishes, garlic bread, and basic desserts.

A number of interesting pizzas had cute, gimmicky names such as “The Hipster,” “Ranch Dude” and “The Shroomer,” but vegetarian and vegan options were definitely the menu’s most notable feature. Nine of the sixteen gourmet pizzas had vegan options such as imitation cheeses and meats.

We tried two pizzas, “The Thailander” and “The Galactic,” as well as the Garlic Cheese Bread.

“The Thailander” was our favorite. Its spicy Thai peanut sauce and surprisingly believable mock chicken were delicious.

“The Galactic,” made with savory homemade hemp sauce, was also quite good, as was the simple cheese bread.

Galactic Pizza’s commitment to sustainability certainly appealed to our Macalester consciences. If you’re in the neighborhood and have the money, it’s worth a try. Its roughly $11 to 18 per pizza price range paired with its distance from campus, however, don’t quite justify regular visits.