Franken will continue to stand with students in U.S. Senate

By Will Howell

On the evening of Tuesday, February 5, Minnesotans will attend their precinct caucuses. That night, DFLers won’t just be choosing the next President of the United States; they’ll be choosing the next Senator from our state.But caucus night isn’t just about choosing new leadership for our country. It’s our opportunity to become part of that new leadership by picking a candidate who includes us in the process.

I believe that candidate is Al Franken. He offers more than just a reliable vote on getting to universal health care, making college more affordable, building a “green” economy, and ending the war in Iraq. Al will also be a strong, passionate voice for progressive values in Washington.

Additionally, he’ll bring college voices to Washington as no one else can. In October, Al did a ten-college tour, and he stopped at Macalester for the second visit since launching his campaign. He talked with students – but, more importantly, he listened. Both times, he was the last one to leave the room and engaged any student who approached him. I know Al will make students at Mac and elsewhere a priority in the Senate, because he’s made them a priority in his campaign.

By attending the DFL precinct caucuses on February 5th and becoming a delegate to your local Senate District or County Convention, you can ensure that you are part of the movement that sends Al to Washington. If you live on campus, we’ll be meeting in Kagin; registration will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Al Franken will stand with Macalester students in the Senate. I hope you’ll join me in standing with him on February 5.

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