Founder's Day expands

By Annie Flanagan

The first annual Founder’s Week leading up to Founder’s Day was planned this year as a way to get students more energized for the event. Like the gala event, the events chosen for Founder’s Week were intended to celebrate Macalester’s unique history.
“Founder’s Day is supposed to be a time when people are remembering what Macalester is all about,” organizational committee member Abby Tofte ’09 said. “The week was intended to get people into the Mac spirit. We don’t have a Homecoming, so we figured this was a fun way to get people excited.”

The Founder’s Week celebration was scheduled to include a “clad in plaid” contest Wednesday and a push-ball tournament on Thursday. Each of these events has their place amongst Macalester traditions, according to Tofte. A student committee headed by Erlene Laugerquist, Manager of Special Events, researched and organized the week.
A Bulletin issued Tuesday explained the historical roots of the events. According to the announcement, the plaid event comes from the Scottish tartan tradition, and pushball was a game played by Macalester students in the first two decades of the school’s history.