Food and fun planned for senior week

By Adriana Lein

Although graduation is months away, students and staff are actively preparing for the week’s festivities. As students’ Macalester experiences come to a close, senior week provides them with a final opportunity to participate in activities with their classmates to memorably end their college careers.Claire Berge ’10 and Claire Vincent ’10 are working along with staff advisors to plan senior week. Senior week occurs in the four days leading up to the graduation ceremony and consists of various events.

The Monday of senior week will begin with the class social and last lecture with a champagne toast. The location for the class social has not yet been determined.

Tuesday is titled the “Day of Regression” with the events to be held on campus including a picnic, kickball games, and capture the flag.

As Berge explained, “this will help save money and lower the cost so more students can participate.”

The Last Supper in Café Mac will occur on Wednesday, and it will be followed by a riverboat cruise and an after party in Kirk.

On Thursday, seniors will participate in the class service project, which will be decided once feedback from a survey of students is assessed. However, Vincent explained that after briefly looking over the surveys, the general consensus is that students “want to stay in St. Paul and do something to give back to the community.”

Vincent went on to state that “senior week has been very expensive in past years, so this year we are trying to cut down the costs so more people can come.”

Berge and Vincent meet every Sunday at 7 p.m. in the campus center to discuss plans. Students with ideas are encouraged to attend their meetings.

“We are really trying to listen to what people have to say,” Berge said. “It is the only chance they have.