First-years send five classmates to Legislative Body

By Mac Weekly Staff

Five Legislative Body (LB) representatives from the first-year class attended their first LB meeting on Tuesday. First-year students voted the five victors into office last Friday.

Westenley Alcenat ’10 and David Seitz ’10 will represent Dupre Hall for the academic year. Manasi Kapoor ’10, Adam Muro ’10 and Brian Stephenson ’10 will represent Doty and Turck Halls. The first-year class is the only class to be represented based on residence. Sophomores are elected at large and upperclass representation is based on major.

First-year turnout was nearly 68 percent, with 339 students of the 501-member class voting. The five students elected edged out 18 other candidates—some registered, some write-in—to secure their spots. The write-in candidate “Cleaning Lady,” for example, attracted only one vote.

“Voting went well; the turnout was good,” said Academic Affairs Commission chair Caroline Ettinger ’09, who helped to tally the vote. “There was a steady flow of people throughout the day and people seem happy to vote.”