Enviro Arts

By Mollie Siebert

Making music green www.reverb.org “I get excited about Reverb because they’ve figured out how to get other people, especially young people excited about environmentalism, much the way Rock the Vote gets young people mobilized and voting. I also feel like there are a lot of very socially conscious musicians out there who have that environmental impulse but they don’t really know what they can do to have a positive impact. And then Reverb steps in and helps these artists both reduce their carbon footprint and spread environmental awareness.” -Ellen Mayer, Tufts ‘14 Reuse clothing Americans discard 11.8 million tons of clothing, shoes and textiles per year (EPA, 2007). Here are some alternatives for your t-shirts: Turn it into a scarf! Make it into a rug! Cut it into a reusable tote bag! Destruct it entirely and make t-shirt yarn! Instead of throwing clothes away, try having a clothing swap with your friends. Always remember to donate your clothes at the end of their usefulness, as someone else will surely have a use for them! DIY: Green and EconomicalHome Cleaning Basic Cleaner/Scrub for tile, porcelain, kitchen counters, practically any surface! +Baking soda and water (add kosher salt for tougher grit) +Lemon juice or vinegar (for stains and mildew!) Disinfectant Instead of bleach, mix 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of liquid soap and 20-30 drops of tea tree oil Windows and mirrors 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water, use in spray bottle. Scrub with old newspaper, (not paper towels!) to prevent streaking Substitute lemon juice or club soda if you don’t have vinegar handy Lightbulbs! Each year, 600 million light bulbs are disposed of into landfills in the United States (EPA 2000). Try these projects instead: Convert it into a small hanging planter! Make a home for your new pet fish with an aquarium! Repurposing paper Reuse old reading material like magazines and newspapers: Spruce up things you already have on your walls, like a clock. Use newspaper as giftwrap Magazine bowls My personal favorite craft: seed bombs (mixed recycled paper with water, add wildflower seeds, drop on the ground and flower your neighborhood, give to friends, great addition to a gift, etc)