By Mac Weekly Staff

Editorial: Bring on a student trusteeAt their meeting last weekend, the Board of Trustees heard arguments for the creation of a student trustee. As they continue discussion on the matter, we urge the Trustees to strongly consider this proposal. A student sitting on the Board would give the student body a well-deserved role in the governing process of the college in a way that would hardly be disruptive to the current inner-workings of the Board.

Of course, there are kinks in the proposal that need to be worked out. For instance, should a student be present as the Board considers tenure decisions? Even if the answers to questions like this are no, the discussion should not end there. We should find some way to turn this proposal into a reality.

We have no delusions that putting a student on the Board would radically alter the direction of college governance, nor do we have any huge problems with the current direction the Board is taking the school. Rather, we look to the other colleges that have student trustees, and ask, “Why not us?”

Editorial: SRC vote not so crystal clear
A big decision to recommend a ban on Coca-Cola products was made by the Social Responsibility Committee (SRC) last week.

We take issue not with the committeeƒ?TMs decision, but rather with the lack of transparency and open discussion that led-up to the recommendation. Whereas in previous considerations of this issue, the SRC issued surveys and made the campus aware they were evaluating the issue, this year few were aware the ban was being considered until after the recommendation had been made.

A great deal more should have been considered since the campus changed to a non-exclusive contract for soft drinks on campus last fallƒ?”considerations that the members of the committee may have looked at independently, but their job is to represent the college as a whole. Their decision very well may have been the right oneƒ?”but the campus wasnƒ?TMt offered the necessary info to come to that conclusion.

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