Thumbs up

Dropping the summer internship fee

Until a recent change in policy, international students had to pay the college hundreds of dollars just to get a summer job. The college finally realized just how unfair this policy was, and changed it. Bravo.

Nice job, Springfest

Despite a drastically reduced budget, the planners of the annual spring concert put on a decent show, with roasted pig, cotton candy and all.

Passing grade for new AD

New athletic director Travis Feezell seems to be energizing the athletic department with much-needed strong leadership.

Thumbs down

The Institute for Vagueness

What will the Institute for Global Citizenship actually do? We have no idea, and neither do most Mac students. Other than talk of a study abroad program and a “certificate,” details continue to be sparse for the Institute. It’s time to set out some specifics.

Back off Norm

The recent visit by our favorite alum, Kofi Annan ’61, has left us feeling defensive of attacks on the leader of the United Nations. Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman has been screaming out against Annan on the senate floor for little reason other than advancing his political career. Back off Norm.

Like, a bad decision, man

Was canceling CHEEBAdanza really in the college’s best interest? The PR-motivated decision garnered far more press than the initial planned festival, and hardly any Twin Cities residents even showed up last Thursday afternoon. AND the college got to practice censorship-nice job.