Don't Hate


Last semester, the string of repeated hate incidents on campus took the college by surprise. Months after, we still find ourselves dumbfounded at the possibility of such undisguised and unapologetic hate, especially at an institution celebrated for – and which prides itself on – its acceptance and diversity. At the same time, we have been encouraged by the Macalester community’s response and find the actions that have been taken a hopeful sign. The forum last semester illustrated the concern and commitment students, faculty and staff have toward embracing difference and building a stronger community. Tuesday’s Community Matters forum again testified to this dedication, and we trust that there will be more fora devoted to such conversations.Yet the structured community discussions are but one step in the constant process of understanding difference. Issues of acceptance permeate every part of our daily lives – from the way we talk with our roommates to the viewpoints we eschew in the papers we write – and it would be irresponsible to relegate them to a once-a-semester event.

We are responsible for our words and actions, and as members of a community, we are obligated to prevent further incidents of hate – whether written, spoken, or implied. To this end, we must be continually engaged in the practice of promoting diversity through self-reflection and creating an atmosphere where we don’t need to police ourselves, rather, there is nothing to police. If we want Macalester College and the Macalester community to preserve its reputation as a stalwart of multiculturalism and difference, we must take it upon ourselves to foster an environment of care and mutual concern.

The opinions expressed above are those of The Mac Weekly, as determined by the staff. The perspectives are not representative of Macalester College.