Director of Center for Scholarship and Teaching to step down

By Colleen Good

Jan Serie will step down from her position as director of the Center for Scholarship and Teaching after this academic year. The Educational Policy and Governance Committee will begin a search for a replacement sometime next semester, according to EPAG chair and Psychology professor Kendrick Brown.The search will be restricted to candidates within Macalester, he said.

Six years ago, when Serie began as the first director of CST, she had to create her own job description, she said.

This time the job itself will be more defined, Serie said.

Serie said she spends most of her time as director writing grant proposals and reports, running internal grants, and holding individual and group meetings and seminars. Most of her time is spent working with faculty.

“The position is very collaborative,” Serie said. “You don’t do very much by yourself.”

CST was founded as a center for faculty development. After receiving a grant, the CST Planning Committee held cross-campus focus groups, which were used to assess faculty needs.

“They all said, ‘We want a center where we can go to help, that is integrated and meets all of our needs.'” Serie said. “So we said, Okay, great!”

The committee then visited other campuses for ideas, and came up with a general idea of how CST would function. Directors serve three-year terms, with the option of petitioning for a second term, which Serie did three years ago.

After stepping down, Serie will go on sabbatical and then retire.